The Department of Earth Sciences at ZheJiang University, previously known as the Department of Geography and History, was founded by KeZhen Zhu in 1936 and is one of the earliest departments in the field of geology among all universities in China. 

Institutional Framework

Head of Department: Chen Hanlin
Deputy Head of Department: Shen Xiaohua(Graduate)
Deputy Head of Department: Shen Zhongyue(UnderGraduate)
Party Branch Secretary: Wen Jiwei
Deputy Party Branch Secretary:
Party Branch Secretary Members:                                           
Union president: Fang Youjun
Department Office: Fang Youjun(Personnel Secretary)
Deng Suqing(Teaching Secretary)
Zhu Jianli(Graduate Secretary )
Li Na(Administration)
Institute of Geology and Geophysics:
Director:        Zou Lejun
Deputy Director:        Tian Gang
Deputy Director:        Xiao Ancheng、Zhang Fengqi
Institute of Space Information and Technique:
Director:        Zhang Xiaocan
Institute of Geographic Information Science:
Director:        Liu Renyi
Institute of District and Urban Development:
Director:        Lin Zhou
Deputy Director:        Wang Bo、Jin Pingbin
Institute of Environment & Biogeochemistry:
Director:        Sun Yongge
Institute of Climate & Weather Information and Forecast:
Director:        Cao long
Deputy Director:        Zhu Peijun