The Department of Earth Sciences, ZheJiang University, was founded in the year of 1936 by Mr.Zhu Kezhen, a prominent Chinese meteorologist, geologist and educator, as well as the respected former president of Zhejiang University. There are more than ten Academicians of Geonomy, such as Ye Duzheng, Shi Yafeng, Chen Shupeng, Tu Changwang, Tan Qixiang and so on, who have worked or studied in the Department of Earth Sciences, and they made their outstanding contributions to the development of our department.
  In the past 70 years of development, the Department of Earth Sciences has fashioned its own model of education and academic tradition. It enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad. After 1936, well-known geonomy talents of our department include Ding Zhongli, Zhou Zuyi, Fei Yingwei, Peng Pingan ,Xu Yigang and so on. We sincerely hope that geonomy persons can follow predecessors’ footmark to work harder and harder and contribute their efforts to the motherland’s geonomy.