The Department of Earth Sciences, ZheJiang University

  The Department of Earth Sciences offers undergraduate, MA, and PhD programs. Under the Department of Earth Science, there are 4 majors: Earth Information Science and Technology, Geographic information system (GIS), Resources Environment and the Management of Urban and Rural Planning, and Atmospheric Sciences. The objective of Earth science undergraduate training is to help the students adapt to geology development and social demands. The graduates are mainly engaged in the earth formation and evolution, exploration and development of resources, geographic information, environmental planning and environmental management, atmospheric sciences, etc. There are different sorts of opportunities available, graduates can be engaged in relevant government departments, resource developments and management departments at all levels. Also, graduates may choose to work in science-related technology development enterprises or continue to pursue a master degree or Ph.D. in related disciplines.

  The Department of Earth Science has two first-level doctoral mobile research stations of Geology and Earth Exploration and Information Technology. Besides this resource, there are two second-level doctoral stations (including Cartography and Geographic Information Systems, and Environmental Sciences), eleven master’s degree stations and one geology postdoctoral station. The Department of Earth science pays more attention to the Graduate teaching .To improve the ability of graduate students, our department sets a series of practical and research related activities such as Analogy-site survey, research and data acquisition instead of taking part in the research program only. In this way, the ability of independent research and work are greatly enhanced and the students’ horizons are widely expanded. The Department of Earth Science establishes the graduate student exchanges program with foreign famous universities, and sends graduate students abroad universities for 1-12 months learning exchanges.

  There are one research center of orogenic belt and basin structure belongs to the Ministry of Education and six institutes in the department of Earth Science including Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Institute of Space Information and Technique, Institute of Environment & Biogeochemistry, Institute of District and Urban Development, Institute of Climate & Weather Information and Forecast, and Institute of Geographic Information Science. Also, there is one Key Laboratory of Resource and Environment of Zhejiang Province in our department. The Department of Earth Science has obtained many external funds. It not only undertake a large number of major national science and technology projects, "863", "973" programs and National Natural Science Foundations and other national projects, but also undertake lots of projects from local government and large state enterprises. Until 2008, the research funding had reached 30.5 million RMB for scientific research, the average funding for each teacher reached more than 900,000 RMB. Benefiting from those high-level scientific research projects our students are always close to the frontiers of the discipline, receive scientific training, cultivate innovative thinking, and practice good skills.