The Department of Earth Sciences at ZheJiang University, previously known as the Department of Geography and History, was founded by KeZhen Zhu in 1936 and is one of the earliest departments in the field of geology among all universities in China. 

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Post Recruitment (Teaching&Researching)

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The Department of Earth Sciences, ZheJiang University was founded by Zhu Kezhen, who is the respected former president of the Zhejiang University, in 1936.The Department of Earth Science has a first-level doctoral station of geology, and Earth Exploration and Information Technology, Cartography and Geographic Information Systems and Environmental Sciences, the 3 second-level doctoral station and 11 master's degree station and also has a geology post doctoral station.

We invite applications and nominations for the post of teaching and researching.

Recruiting position: Teaching and Researching.
Recruitment number: 1
1. Received Ph.D, younger than 35 years of age
2. Can independently assume "Biological and Earth History" undergraduate curriculum and related research
3. Width teamwork spirit

Contact person: Fang Youjun
Tel: +86-0571-87952453


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