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Post Recruitment (Teaching&Researching)

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The Department of Earth Sciences, ZheJiang University was founded by Zhu Kezhen, who is the respected former president of the Zhejiang University, in 1936.The Department of Earth Science has a first-level doctoral station of geology, and Earth Exploration and Information Technology, Cartography and Geographic Information Systems and Environmental Sciences, the 3 second-level doctoral station and 11 master's degree station and also has a geology post doctoral station.

We invite applications and nominations for the post of teaching and researching.

Recruiting position: Teaching and Researching.
Recruitment number: 1
1. Received Ph.D, younger than 35 years of age
2. Can independently assume "Biological and Earth History" undergraduate curriculum and related research
3. Width teamwork spirit

Contact person: Fang Youjun
Tel: +86-0571-87952453


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