Truth of Sciences--Review of lecture from Yuneng CHEN

Editor:kygl Author:Jin XIN Date:2016-06-07 Hits:1357

The lecture named ‘Applications of a New Tropical Cyclone Initialization Scheme on Improving TC track, Intensity and Structure Forecasts’, reported by professor Yuneng CHEN from University of Hawaii, was held on Jun 3rd, 2016 at Yuquan campus Zhejiang University. Professor Xiaofan LI from School of Earth Sciences hosted this lecture.

Professor CHEN graduated from National Central University in 1972 and gained his PhD at University of Illinois in 1980. He joined University of Hawaii in 1996 and contributed more than 80 papers in the area of meteorology, especially the research area of analysis and simulation of mesoscale precipitation system in east Asia and Hawaiian islands.

Professor CHEN introduced a tropical cyclone initialization scheme(NC2011) which was published on 《Monthly Weather Review》. This scheme can provide excellent simulation and forecast for the vertical structure, the strength and the trail of a severe typhoon. Professor and his team also improved the scheme to the NC2014 scheme, which provides better service than HWRF(2012) owned by National Centers for Environmental Prediction and COAMPS-TC(2012) owned by United States Navy.

At the end of the lecture, professor CHEN discussed with teachers and students presented. Thank you for professor CHEN.