Truth of Sciences--Review of lecture‘Cryosphere changes under the warming climate’

Editor:kygl Date:2016-05-31 Hits:1240

On May 27th, the lecture ‘Cryosphere changes under the warming climate’ of Professor Hongjie XIE, who comes from University of Texas At San Antonio(UTSA), was held at School of Sciences, Zhejiang University.

Professor XIE is the director of Remote Sensing and Geoscience information Laboratory (UTSA), the associate editor of Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, Datasets Papers in Geoscience, and International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences. He had participated in scientific investigation of Arctic and Antarctic as well as Tibetan Plateau, his main research area is Hydrological and Cryosphere remote sensing.

Professor XIE introduced his research team in UTSA and displayed changes of sea ice coverage based on the practical measured data he and his team gathered during scientific investigation such as Arctic and Antarctic scientific investigation. He also reported their research achievements on studying the cryoconite cover and glacier and lake co-variation of Tibetan based on satellite remote sensing data.

The lecture was so interesting and knowledgeable that aroused the teachers and students’ actively participation in the discussion. Thank you for Professor XIE!