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Institute of Geology and Geophysics

      Institute of Geology and Geophysics (oriented to geophysics), Zhejiang University is based on the Earth exploration and Information technology doctoral stations of secondary discipline, the key disciplines of Zhejiang province. The institute has 13 professors, 10 associate professors and 2 lecturer, 1 visiting professor, 2 part-time professors, 1 laboratory assistant,4 post-doctor, 40 PhD students and more than 60 Master students. 

Main Research Fields

   Geophysical exploration of oil gas and mineral deposit: The acquisition system of high-resolution seismic exploration and migration imaging technology are widely used in Geophysics. The processing of gravity and magnetic data and the generalized inversion method on the computation of gravity and magnetic interfaces are available. The processing and inversion of magnetotelluric and transient electromagnetics data are also available. 
   Ocean and polar geophysical survey: Use the method based on electromagnetic wave and integration technology to detect the sea ice thickness. Use multi-polarization radar to detect Antarctic ice sheet. 
    Geophysical survey technology applied to archaeology field: The comprehensive geophysical detection technology is widely used in studying the distribution of The Grant sites. Use the technology of geophysical survey to recover paleoenvironment rapidly. 
    Environmental and engineering geophysics: The application of engineering geophysics, a new branch of geophysics, would raise the effectiveness of engineering survey. There are many effective methods and systems including advanced forecast in tunnels, the quality control of construction projects, the seismic three-dimensional refection method for detection of active faults in urban areas and multichannel analysis of surface waves technology. 
    National defense and military geophysics, etc 
    Up to now, the Institute has completed or is undertaking more than 40 research projects supported by national natural science foundation、important national science&technology major projects、national 973 projects 、national 863 projects、zhejiang province science and technology、 key projects and research funds for the doctoral program of higher education of China. The total research fund of the Institute is approximately 2000 million by May, 2012. More than three hundreds of papers were published in national and international scientific journals. Among them, more than 80 papers are indexed by SCI and EL. Ten monographs and textbooks have been published. During the last five years, a number of honors and awards have been granted, including four second-level awards, four third-level awards from provinces and national ministries. Five inventions have obtained national patents and two inventions are on the period of public notice. 

Instrument and equipment

Remote control multi-channel seismograph of SE2404NTM type (144 channels) 
Fully automatic CG5 gravimeter system 
G858 optically pumped magnetometer 
The type GSM-19T of a proton magnetometer 
E60EM multifunctional electromagnetic method system 
E60D distributed system workstation in high-density electrical methods (256 channels) 
GEM-2 multi frequency conductivity meter 
OhmMapper electrical resistivity imager 
PulseEKKO PRO geological radar 
CUGTEM-GK2 type shallow stratum transient electromagnetic system 
NP4-2 gamma ray spectrometer 
Trimble 5800 type high-accuracy navigation Gps (global positioning system) of base station 
Sun Ultra6 type geophysics data processing and explanation work-station system 
Shuguang brand multi-node array-processor 
And all kinds of software systems for collecting and processing data and explanation work ( LandMark、Focus、Omega 、Jason 、etc)

The archaeological measurement with high density electrical method   The cesium optically pumped magnetometer   Radioactivity survey and exploration   CG-5 High accuracy gravimete  

E60EM multifunctional electromagnetic method system
The ground penetrating rada   The electromagnetic wave detector   The field measurement of seismic reflection  


Research Outputs

In recent years, the Institute has made a number of achievements of world & national leading level 
(1)Depth extrapolation and inversion technique of gravitational and magnetic data 
(2)The coupling theory and matching techniques of seismic exploration and data acquisition under different surface conditions 
(3)The pre-stack depth migration imaging technology 
(4)Use geophysical survey technology in the field of archaeological great site 
(5)Geophysical exploration and analysis technology on sea ice and ice cover thickness 
(6)Manufacture technology of towed submarine magnetometer 
Institute of Geology and Geophysics have maintained close liaison with scientists from USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Norway and Korea. Our institute also has a series of academic exchanges and cooperation programs with overseas universities. 

Members & Staff
  Xu Shizhe
Xu Shizhe
  Fu Liyun
Fu Liyun
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