Space Information & Technique

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Research Equipment

pulseEKKO PRO --- pulseEKKO PRO broad frequency range enables users to address any GPR application from mineral exploration and glaciology to geotechnical investigations and the examination of concrete structures. 
     Advanced survey methods such as CMP, WARR and Transillumination are possible with this flexible system which features multiple deployment and operational modes. 

GeoPen E60D --- E60D host can meet the electrical exploration of all forms of data collection devices, including electrical sounding, the United profile, two-dimensional, three-dimensional exploration of high density resistivity method, induced polarization of high-density, high-density dual-frequency IP method, high-density complex resistivity method of data collection. 

High-precision gravimeter(CG-5) --- CG-5 AutoGravimeter is the second CG-3 AutoGravimeter developed after the latest industry standard gravimeter. CG-5 application areas: Mineral exploration, Geological mapping, Volcano exploration, Oil and gas exploration, Civil Engineering survey, Regional Gravity, SeaGrav underwater gravimeter, HeliGrav airborne gravity meter and so on.