The Department of Earth Sciences at ZheJiang University, previously known as the Department of Geography and History, was founded by KeZhen Zhu in 1936 and is one of the earliest departments in the field of geology among all universities in China. 

Geographic Information Science

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Institution of Geographic Information Science

The institution of Geographic Information Science was established in 1995, it now has 5 professors, 7 associate professors, 1 post-doctor, more than 10 PHD and more than 20 master students. The institution has supported or under taking nearly 50 important research projects. With research achievements of more than 60 core-journal-published papers, more than 30 SEI/EI indexed papers, 7 monographs, 33 software copyrights and 5 invention patents, and efforts of staffs, the institution provides a cutting-edge research atmosphere.

Main Research Fields

Its research area includes spatio-temporal data modeling, high-performance GIS, component-based GIS, WebGIS, massive spatial data management, remote sensing image processing technology, virtual reality GIS, 3D GIS visualization, mobile GIS etc. 

Instrument and equipment

Zhong Haida Real-time kinematic instrument V50

Hand-held GPS receiver


Members & Staff


          Ren-Yi LIU                Nan LIU             Zhen-Hong DU            Li-Zhen LU               Rui LI


          De-Lu PAN               Lie LIN               Feng ZHANG        Ke-Ling HUANG        Li-Jun WANG