District & Urban Development

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Institution of Geographic Information Science

Founded by the former president Chu Kozhen, Institute of Urban and Regional Development in Zhejiang University has a long and glorious history. Our staff has undertaken lots of research projects and achieved a research funding of 4-6 million yuan per year. The research outputs have been published in the peer-reviewed top journals nationally and internationally.We now have 13 full-time academic staff with 2 full professors, 8 associate professors and 2 lecturers.

Main Research Fields

At present, the institute is a multidisciplinary research institute focusing on, among other things, human geography, economic geography, historical geography as well as physical geography. The research interest covers land use and planning, tourism, industrial clusters and regional development, high-tech industries and firm innovation, tectonic and fluvial geomorphology, and applications of GIS and remote sensing techniques in the investigation of natural resource and environment.

Members & Staff

            Jin-Zhao FAN          Cheng WANG         Hong-Hai WU           Zhou LIN          You-Jian FENG


                         Ping-Bin JIN      An-Jiao OUYANG        Bo WANG         Xing-Ping ZHANG