The Department of Earth Sciences at ZheJiang University, previously known as the Department of Geography and History, was founded by KeZhen Zhu in 1936 and is one of the earliest departments in the field of geology among all universities in China. 

Climate&Weather Information and Forecast

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Institute of Climate & Weather Information and Forecast

      The Institute of Climate & Weather Information and Forecast of ZheJiang University is an interdisciplinary research center devoting to the research of global climate change and regional climate and weather events. The Institute has been in a unique position to serve both the scientific community and the public. On one hand, the Institute is an interdisciplinary research center investigating key scientific issues regarding global and regional climate change. On the other hand, the institute is a service center that provides climate and weather information to both decision-makers and the public. 

Main Research Fields

      Main research areas of the Institute include: 
      (1) Global climate change and the carbon cycle: investigate the mechanisms of global climate change and its link to the global carbon cycle. 
      (2) Seasonal forecast: examine the impact of global climate change on the seasonal forecast of the Northern Hemisphere. 
      (3) Regional climate and weather events: investigate the regional extreme climate and weather events in the context of global climate change. 
      (4) Typhoon and climate change: investigate the development and evolution of typhoon in the east coast of China under global climate change. 
      Currently, the Institute has eight faculty members and one technician. During the past three years, the Institute has ten publications in international and/or Chinese journals and has been awarded eight research grants at the national level. 

Members & Staff
Cao Long
Zhai Guoqing
  Jia Xiaojing
Jia Xiaojing
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